Bullet™ In-Line Pumps

• Insert in New or Existing Pipeline

 Bullet Pumps are precision engineered to be installed in new or existing pipe lines. This high capacity pump can augment existing pumping efficiency or it can effectively pump in a wide range of applications all on its own.


• Dramatically Increase Pumping Efficiency

 The Bullet Pump is particularly effective when used to increase water flow rates when pumping over great distances. It is designed for easy installation on most pipelines under 12” diameter. Whether you need a few gallons or hundreds of gallons per minute, a Bullet can be configured to satisfy your needs.


• Flexible Design and Application

 The Bullet Pump was designed for durability in a wide variety  aggressive water situations. Our flexible installation and application will work effectively in situations where other pumps usually fail or are too expensive to install.


• Built for Continuous Operation

 The Bullet Pump is proudly built in Wyoming, USA to handle your most difficult pumping needs. Each pump is custom designed and built to operate continuously and flawlessly in rough conditions for years at a time, if necessary.

Dimensional data supplied with request for proposal.

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