MULLINAX is a family owned business in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA. We specialize in designing and building industrial strength water pumps for a wide variety of strenuous applications. We pride ourselves in manufacturing pumps that operate efficiently and dependably in situations where most of our competitor's pumps fail.


Mullinax also offers a full design and engineering service to custom design pumps for special applications. We also provide full field service in addition to our in-house pump service center.

Horizontal Pumping Systems™ (HPS)

Bullet In-Line Pumps™

"I am really impressed with you guys…You seem very on the ball and seem to really have your stuff together and know your equipment. Feel free to use me as a reference for an application on those pumps if you would like." 


Colin Springer

Lead Senior Engineer

Coal Fired Power Plant in Wyoming


Mullinax Pumping Solutions

615 Fort Road,  Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


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